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Helpful links for The Wines of Bordeaux

Helpful links for students taking The Wines of Bordeaux course at UCLA Extension:

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Helpful Links for An Introduction to Wine

Helpful links for students taking An Introduction to Wine at UCLA Extension:

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Helpful Links for Vintage I

Helpful links for students taking Vintage I at UCLA Extension:

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Mojo as good as the juice – Saarloos and Sons

I really dig the snappy videos on this site – in particular The Moment Fruit Becomes Wine from the farmers-turned-uber-cool Saarloos and Sons in Los Olivos (click on the video at the bottom that looks like the lid of a red paint can.)  It runs through the process of draining a tank, digging out a tank and pressing the skins.

The wines are juicy but please make note – their mojo is as good as the juice.  Check out the Sermons.  You are preaching to the choir, my friend!  My favorites …

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3 zones for grape berry juice

Juice from a grape berry comes from three different zones.  The composition of the juice is different in each zone.  Working from the inside of the berry out towards the skin, the three zones are: central, intermediate and peripheral.

Crushing a berry (breaking open the skin) releases the free run juice.  This is the sweetest juice, with the most nutrients and the least amount of harsh phenolics (tannins.)  This juice comes from the intermediate zone  …

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Do California wines age faster than old world wines?

Question: Do California wines age faster than old world wines?

Answer:  There are 3 primary components that allow a wine to age: tannin, acidity and residual sugar.  To age well, a wine needs to have 2 out of the 3 …

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Bubbles in Riesling

Question: I don’t recall if bubbles in Riesling are considered a flaw or not.  Also, are the bubbles produced as a result of fermentation in the bottle?

Answer: In Riesling, bubbles are not considered to be a flaw, although for most high-end Riesling ($30+) they will naturally be eliminated  by bottling later or using a permeable vessel (ie: Alsace).  If the wine is to be bottled young and bubbles are not desired, a producer can sparge the wine with a neutral gas to remove them.

In general, bubbles are not considered a flaw for white wine.  They are most commonly found in …

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How to find wine online

Trying to figure out how to find a wine locally that you had on your last vacation in wine country?  I get this question all the time and I typically refer people to Wine Searcher.

As a wine consultant, I use Wine Searcher every day, at least 10 times a day.  It is on my internet toolbar I use it so often.  It is a massive database, filled by retailers with wine for sale, from all around the world.  I need to know what the “market visibility” and average retail price is for any wine, before it can be considered for purchase for a client.  My clients are typically looking for wine that is limited in production and not widely available …

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What is the best way to keep leftover wine?

The key is to limit the amount of oxygen the wine is exposed to and to reduce the temperature.  Following these inexpensive steps below can give you an additional 3 to 10 days on an open bottle of wine …

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I want to import wine into the US

You cannot “just” ship wine into the US from abroad.  It has to be brought into the country via an importer.  There are lots of costs and much paperwork involved.  One of the biggest issues with shipping logistics – is how to bring in a small quantity at an affordable cost.

The standard way product is shipped into the US is via a container, which comes over on a cargo ship.  A standard container holds about 1120 cases (20 pallets) which is typically way too much wine for your average person just getting started in the wine importation business, or for personal use (even when you include orders for your entire extended family!)  Thus a person in this situation has to look for …

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