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Mojo as good as the juice – Saarloos and Sons

I really dig the snappy videos on this site – in particular The Moment Fruit Becomes Wine from the farmers-turned-uber-cool Saarloos and Sons in Los Olivos (click on the video at the bottom that looks like the lid of a red paint can.)  It runs through the process of draining a tank, digging out a tank and pressing the skins.

The wines are juicy but please make note – their mojo is as good as the juice.  Check out the Sermons.  You are preaching to the choir, my friend!  My favorites …

#2) “No tasting notes.  We don’t tell YOU what YOU taste.”

#8) “If you are snobby we will kick you out of the house. A snob is defined as: Someone who uses their level of experience or knowledge to make someone new feel inferior or uncomfortable.”

Saarloos and Sons tasting room is a restored craftsman house on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Olivos – just 1.5 hours from Los Angeles – make the trip, you’ll dig it too.  Thanks to Pamela at Senorita Vino for directing me to this gem!