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Distinguished Instructor Award

Shelby Ledgerwood wins the Distinguished Instructor Award ...

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Go Gunny Bunny! A Brief History of Merlot

Did you vote?  Gundlach Bundschu of Sonoma wins the Wine Spectator annual video contest with “A Brief History of Merlot”!

Get yo’ swirl on – ‘cuz that’s how we roll in wine country

Yo!  Givin’ a shout out to the whole 707!

My favorite wine gangsta rhyme –
who knew there was such a thing!

<warning – this video contains some graphic language>

Welcome to Savant Wines

See what you can find on ...

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Green Corks

No, we’re not talking about green colored corks, but the fact that corks are more environmentally friendly (aka green) than alternative closures such as screwcaps and synthetics.  This makes sense when you think about where the products come from and how they are created (cork, screwcap, synthetic.)  For the details, the Price Waterhouse report is here: Cork Facts

In reading about this story I found myself on the Amorim cork website where there was (no surprise) many articles spouting the virtues of natural cork.  I readily admit, I do prefer/expect a cork finish for wines over $25 retail / to be aged 5+ years, but I also see many positive attributes in alternative closures.  It should not be a question of either/or …

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Is the EU getting rid of rose wine?

Question: Is the EU getting rid of rose wine?

NYT Article #1
NYT Article #2

These are articles about a proposal to allow for a less expensive production method for making rose wine.  It is not a proposal to get rid of rose altogether, or to get rid of the higher quality production methods.  The articles don’t specifically indicate, but I assume it is referring to the laws of controlled appellations only (AOC, DOC, DO, etc.)

There are several methods for making rose wine …

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