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3 zones for grape berry juice

Juice from a grape berry comes from three different zones.  The composition of the juice is different in each zone.  Working from the inside of the berry out towards the skin, the three zones are: central, intermediate and peripheral.

Crushing a berry (breaking open the skin) releases the free run juice.  This is the sweetest juice, with the most nutrients and the least amount of harsh phenolics (tannins.)  This juice comes from the intermediate zone  …

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Do California wines age faster than old world wines?

Question: Do California wines age faster than old world wines?

Answer:  There are 3 primary components that allow a wine to age: tannin, acidity and residual sugar.  To age well, a wine needs to have 2 out of the 3 …

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Tannins & Bitterness in Wine

Tannins and bitterness are often difficult to separate and properly identify in wine.

Tannins contribute to two sensations on the palate – astringency (lack of water) and bitterness. (Please note the word: CONTRIBUTE.  There are other components in wine that also can enhance one, or both, sensations.)

Tannins are a type of polyphenol. Polyphenols are a small molecule that in wine, come primarily from the skins of the grape and/or from wood contact (wood barrels.) Tannins cause the sensation of astringency …

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