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Women choose wine

Review the results from this Gallup Poll to see where wine, beer and liquor consumption rates stand in the USA.

Wine hasn’t quite recovered its one time lead over beer (back in 2005 by 3 percentage points)but it still ranks highest for women in all age groups, as the alcoholic beverage of choice.  Overall, among those who consume alcohol, beer is the drink of choice at 41%, followed by wine at 32% and liquor at 21%.

Is wine the alcoholic beverage of choice for women overall?

Perhaps.  Also to consider here, is that women do most of the household shopping and the Gallop Poll is based on Nielsen ratings – which are primarily derived from grocery and drug store chains – only tracking approximately 60% of overall wine sales in the US.   Still, you can see why so many wine companies are marketing wine directly to the female audience.  Some of these brands have fallen by the wayside: White Lie, Little Black Dress.  But those with a clever twist are thriving: Cupcake and Middle Sister.  See this article here from the NY Times on Wines Targeted at Women.  Add to this the cocktail market: Skinny Girl, Dirty Blonde – and you can see that women are starting to command more and more attention in the alcoholic beverage segment.