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Sake Tasting with Epic Wines

6 locations in both US and Japan hosted a tast...

Here are some tasting notes from an informative sake tasting with the distributor Epic Wines:

  • Tozai “Well of Wisdom” Honjozo
    White Flowers, yeasty aroma, light melon, very viscous
  • Tentaka Kuni “Hawk of the Heavens” Junmai
    Very yeasty, beer-like aromas, toasted bread
  • Kanbara “Bride of the Fox” Junmai-Ginjo
    Melon aromas, crisp & clean palate, bright & light, dry
    Delicate, bright, refreshing -#1 favorite of this tasting …

  • Nambu-Bijin “Southern Beauty” Junmai-Ginjo
    Dried sea grass, very floral, toasty flavor, touch of sweetness
  • Mukune “Root of Innocence” Junmai-Ginjo
    Very citrus-y, creamy texture, toasty, nutty finish
  • Fukucho “Moon on the Water”  Junmai-Ginjo
    Licorice, anisette, very aromatic, bitters, high alcohol
    Beautiful, sensual, unique – #3 favorite of this tasting.
  • Ginga Shizuku “Divine Droplets” Junmai-Daiginjo
    Floral, delicate aroma, multi-dimensional, higher acidity, lemon, citrus floral
    Very delicate – #2 favorite of this tasting.
  • Rihaku “Nigoriza” (means unfiltered) Tokubetsu (means special) Junmai
    Toasty, nutty, rich full-bodied, chewy texture.